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Welcome053 is an initiative with the main goal to make young international people feel welcome in Enschede. The telephone area code is 053, so welcome to 053, Enschede!

We would love to help you integrate better. Many internationals feel lonely sometimes. People come from far away to live in Enschede.  Coming to a foreign country is already challenging as it is, being far from home, adjusting to a new culture, etc.  Living abroad can sometimes be overwhelming: the bikes, the different health system, the culture or coping with the weather.


If you would like some support, love to play games, want to hang out with other young internationals or want to have a meal with a Dutch family, you are on the right website!

You can join us for our 2 weekly Meeting Place  or sign up for a buddy system and have a meal with a Dutch family. For more info about the Open House you go to this page

To learn more about our buddy familie click here.

We would love to connect with you, get to know you and help you settle in Enschede.

To keep you updated please follow us on instagram

Next Meeting Place
2 april
19.00 hr 
Zonstraat 9, Enschede
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